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Lineage II Final

High Five PvP Low-Rate (7x)
  • Drop: 10x / Spoil: 10x (Amount 3x)
  • FAQ

    Q: How many simutaneous box we can use ?
    A: A maximum of three ip clients will be allowed.

    Q: We need to do the SubClass Quest ?
    A: The SubClass quest can be purchased at a modest price.

    Q: PcBang Points ?
    A: Will be implemented variouse exchange like also coin of luck.

    Q: Prime Shop Items ?
    A: A lot of prime shop items will be removed for a fair gameplay !

    Q: Prime Shop Items ?
    A: A lot of prime shop items will be removed for a fair gameplay !

    Q: Reduce the number of Castle for more pvp ?
    A: At the moment we will keep al castle as official !

    Q: When Oly will be started ?
    A: One month after the start of the server !

    Q: Is possible to start before the 31 ?
    A: The official Server Start is Scheduled for Monday 31 at 12:00 !

    Test Server 10/10/2022

    Test our server feature with High Rate 100x and report possible problems or bugs using our support system.

    Grand Opening 31/10/2022

    Our goal is a Low-Rate PvP Server with:

    Special Custom Features
  • VIP Status Boost Avaiable.
  • Raid Boss respawn announce.
  • Raid Boss die announce.
  • Epic Raid Boss respawn announce.
  • Epic Raid Boss die announce.
  • PvP announce.
  • Pk announce.
  • Over Enchant System With boosted rate.

    Official Features
  • Full implementation of the content Epilogue> Freya> High Five Part 1-5.
  • Siege of elite clan halls (absolutely accurate as on l2off).
  • Fully implemented Territory Wars.
  • The entire chain of epic quests (Epilogue + High Five).
  • All quests (Freya, High Five).
  • All skills (Freya, High Five).
  • Item-Mall (100% confirm).
  • Olympiad (High Five).
  • Kratei Cube.
  • Handy Blocker.
  • Auction of things.
  • Underground Coliseum.
  • All data (NPC, pets, characters, items, etc.) correspond to the official server.
  • Seed of Destruction, Seed of Infinity, Seed of Annihilation.
  • Epic bosses: Beleth, Freya (entire chain of quests, hard step, normal step), Zaken (All species day, night, etc.).
  • Hellbound fully corresponds to the official server.
  • All new locations (Watcher of Tomb, Dragon Valley, Lair of Antharas).
  • Squad-skills clans.
  • Work items option (Olf's T-Shirt, etc.).
  • Works Energy Agathion.